How Eccentrica Leg Curl works?

Eccentrica Leg Curl make possible, other than the classic working way, to perform the eccentric phase of the movement excluding the concentric phase without exernal assistence, in respect to the natural motion.

The aim is to stimulate the Neuromuscular System in a specific way respecting the natural forces (exernal load combined with gravity acceleration). Some authors have shown that during the eccentric contraction, the Neuromuscular System use a unique path of muscle activation that are different from those utilezed by isometric and concentric contractions (Enoka, 1996). Each muscle has own functional specialization that related to the structure and could be changed by non-specific stimulation.

Show Working Modes

Our Products – patented – are the only ones that make possible to stimulate your hamstring muscles in a SPECIFIC and EFFICIENT way by ECCENTRIC contraction.

Easy Eccentrica Leg Curl

The EASY version is adapt for Fitness Centers and Privates. Easy Leg Curl has been realized to satisfy those people more interested to the aesthetics, for this reason has base working modes. Easy Leg Curl show an aesthetics very innovative other the functionality that make it unique enabling a person to stimulate muscles in the exclusive ECCENTRIC way, other the classic training mode (concentric-eccentric) like a common fitness strength machine.

Rehab Eccentrica Leg Curl

The REHAB version has been thiked up for subjects needs advanced funcionality, like Reahbilitation Centers and High Level Sport Centers and Professional Teams or Atheletes. The Reahb Eccentric Leg Curl  is equipped of a Display to show training data in real-time, in this way the subject has a feedback and can obtain a more efficient result from the training stimulus. The system comunicate via wireless and the training values can be shown at same time on more pc, tablet and in the next future also on smartphone App. So, in example the data could be visulaizated on the Display of the device and at same time on a PC enabled to connect at the system controlled by an specializated operator for a better training monitoirng and results. The resultes could be printed, downloaded via USB or sent by mail as needed.


High 69,3 inches
Width 51,2 inches
Depth 45,3 inches
Weigth 463 lb


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Eccentrica Leg Curl is an advanced system for training or reahbilitaiton of your muscles.

A unique sytem based on Reahbilitation and Training Researches that places Human Being in center of the Technology.

Eccentrica Leg Curl based on the theory that muscle as hamstrings has more benefits if trained with eccentric contraction because this muscle group work normally in that way, this mean prevents injuries. It’s known that during running the final phase fo the swing just before foot strike hamstrings are lengthnening and contracted (Eccentric contraction), so this is the moment at risk of injury if the muscle is impaired. 

The major risk factor could be the weak of the muscle or a incorrect muscle activation that cause mscule damage.

The strict raltionship between LCA and Hamstring eccentric muscle capacity could be an optimal prevention other than muscular damage, also knee injury limiting the damage.