The Company

Eccentric SRL was established in May 2010 in Sassuolo near by Modena in Italy, following the participation of its members in a program of assistance for the design and start-up of innovative companies organized by Consorzio Spinner from Bologna.

In this occasion, the members of Eccentric SRL have been able to assess the feasibility of their business idea that had matured for several years, and then schedule the delicate start-up phase.

The Mission


The mission of Eccentric is very simple: to design and implement technology solutions to the people health and the world of sport.

The human beeing lives within the Earth system which is subject to natural forces that govern and balance its movement. The sole purpose of the  technology is to help him in his own physical and spiritual progress, observing that equilibrium. Thus was born the idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčEccentrica of following the natural motion.

The structure of the human skeletal muscle originated within this evolving system of forces in relation to it. Using this principle, through the technology the team have made a machine that respects the ways in which the structure of human beeing evolved in natural motion, enhancing its capabilities in that direction.

The Innovation


The competencies of the project team, the research in Sports Medicine and the passion for physical activity led to the creation of Eccentrica Leg Curl: an equipment designed to prevent and treat injuries of those muscle groups, like the hamstring, by the eccentric contraction that represents the so-called "Braking Function" muscle.

From biomechanical analysis is now known that, during the running and walking, the main hamstring activation occurs at the end of the flight phase of the gait cycle (time of possible damage) when the muscle is lengthening. For this reason, the eccentric contraction seems to be a way of working that will prevent as well as treat the equilibrium "noise" of the lower limb at the knee, now place of frequent trauma.

The uniqueness of this tool is that it allows, in addition to the classic way to work (during ascent or descent phase followed by the concentric or eccentric), to isolate the eccentric phase of the movement without the aid of external assistants, all according to the "natural motion".

The purpose is to stimulate the neuromuscular system in a specific way according to what are the forces acting in nature (load and force of gravity).

Recent research has suggested that, during the eccentric contraction, the central nervous system uses the unique streets of muscle activation, other than those of concentric and isometric contraction (Enoka R., 1996). This means that every muscle has its own functional specialization identified by the structure and which may be affected by non-specific workouts.

The Members



  • Degree in Sciences at the University Tor Vergata Rome
  • Master's Degree in Theory and Methodology of the Training at Tor Vergata University, Rome;
  • Degree  Radiographer at University of Modena and Reggio Emilia;
  • Experience as Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer;
  • Various experiences working as a physical trainer and consultant in sports such as basketball and football team that is professional and non professional as Sporting Benevento, Valdisangro, FC Turris, U.S. Arzanese, Partenope Basketball.
  • He collaborated with the Italian Federation Youth Women Basketball Azzurrina with the Project and with the youth team of SS Calcio Napoli.

Mr. FLAVIO GUADAGNO (34 years old)

Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering address design and technological plant Federico II University of Naples

  • Master Degree and Training at Eni Corporate University – Eni SPA;
  • Currently he is responsible in Eni, OIL & GAS Company, for Major Shutdown Project World Wide;
  • Maintenance General Manager of ENIMED, Italian OIL & GAS Company – Eni SPA Group;
  • Deputy Maintenace General Manager of INAGIP, Croatian OIL & GAS Company;
  • Various work experience as Maintenance Engineer with Saipem SA in (Pau) France, with Qatargas International on behalf of Saipem SA in Ras Laffan (Qatar), with ILVA SPA in Taranto (Italy).


Mr. ANTONIO NIGRO (33 years)

  • Master Degree in Electronic Engineering, University of Naples Federico II
  • He is currently Production and Maintenance Manager of Gas Storage Eni SPA plants in Vasto (Italy);
  • Production and Maintenance Manager of of Gas Storage Eni SPA plants in Minerbio (Italy);
  • Varied work experience in Systems Design And Implementation Of Automation And Gas Measurement, Quality Management System, Design and Implementation of automation systems and building automation.


Mr. FIORE IULIANO (38 years)

  • Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering with specific in design and technological plant Federico II University of Naples. He currently is Production Manager in composite material products for aerospace for Dema SPA.

The Partners

For the realization of start-up phase, Eccentrica SRL relies on the collaboration of companies, organizations and professionals:

  • From September 2013 Eccentrica SRL is associated with ASSOBIOMEDICA
  • Canova & Clò srl – a company specialized in machining and achievements in mechanical of high quality products.
  • Emilia Romagna – Service policies Economic Development.
  • Spinner Consortium – Consortium formed in 2000 by Aster, Alma Mater Foundation and Invitalia for the design and implementation of actions aimed at enhancing human capital by promoting research initiatives, technology transfer, innovation and support the creation of new innovative companies.